Friday, March 14, 2014

New Deal

So here is what I've come to, since the kickstarter failed I've opened this blog up to everyone, and will accept regular donations. Here is the battle plan:

-Character profiles, Item Images and Backgrounds are going to get done for free.
-Game Over scenes and story-based scenes will be 10$ per image. Just write in the message box what scene you want, and if it has already been asked for I will get back to you about other scenes you could donate for.
-Buying a scene will be 50$ plus you will get all Game Overs and story scenes pre-paid.

Also everything that has already been done and added will remain.

And the finished project will now also be free.

Also I am looking for someone who is skilled in using social media (forums, reddit, blogger, etc) to work with me and create a few better methods to connect with the greater social group. I am a bit absolutely terrible at promoting my work, and could use a lot of help.

Thank you guys for coming out and donating for the Kickstarter, hopefully we will do things a bit better here.

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